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POW MIA Woodland Camouflage Rosary Military St Christopher Medal

POW MIA Woodland Camouflage Rosary Military St Christopher Medal

Manufacturer: Sacred Heart Rosaries (Hand-crafted by Robyn)
SKU: 338
Price: $25.00
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Woodland (Green Brown) Camouflage Rosary Military St Christopher Medal
Black Ribbon Center
Papal Crucifix
Rhyolite Gemstone Beads
Camo Stone Gemstone Beads
Black Ribbon Our Father Beads

EXCLUSIVELY crafted by Robyn!

Exquisite rosary offers inspiration and comfort to all our military members, families and veterans! Powerful intercession of St Christopher to protect those in harms way or who have served in the US Armed Forces. This striking rosary mimics the green and brown woodland camouflage uniforms of our armed services. Two different stones have been found to work well with this theme. Rhyolite is a natural gemstone which offers a brighter mix of the Woodland Camo colors. Camo Stone is a natural gemstone that offers a darker version of the Woodland Camo colors. The rosary center is a black enameled, lead-free pewter ribbon specially designed and crafted in the USA for this rosary. Glass Lampwork black ribbon "Our Father" beads compliment the center. The rosary is completed with a Papal crucifix.

This is a 5 decade rosary. It measures approx. 20" (inches) in length including the crucifix.

Our Father beads: Glass Lampwork Black Ribbon beads.
Hail Mary beads: YOUR CHOICE
  1. 6mm round Rhyolite natural gemstone
  2. 6mm round Camo Stone natural gemstone (shown)
Center: Silver tone, lead free pewter ribbon center with black enamel designed and crafted in the USA.
Crucifix: Silver tone, highly detailed Papal crucifix.
Medal: Each medal features an image of St Christopher and the words "St Christopher Protect Me" on the front. Each medal features the military insignia of each of the following US military branches. When ordering, please select YOUR CHOICE...
US Air Force
US Army
US Marines
US Navy
(Note: if you do not want a medal, please select "No Medal")

(My apologies to all those with connections to the US Coast Guard, as I could not locate medals for the US Coast Guard. If I could, I definitely would.)

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